Departmental Minors

Our department offers minors in political science (POSC) and in public policy & administration (PPA).  For information about the POSC minor, contact Dr. Scott Hammond ( and for questions about the PPA minor contact Dr. Robert Roberts ( 

With JMU's School of Communication Studies, we also offer a minor in political communication (PCOM). For more information regarding the PCOM minor, contact Dr. Valerie Sulfaro at

These departmental minors in political science, public policy & administration, and political communication are available to any student in good standing at the university. 

To declare a minor (or to declare a major), go to the Student Center component of MyMadison on the STUDENT tab. 

JMU's Office of the Registrar provides a step-by-step video tutorial with instructions on adding, dropping, and/or changing majors and minors.

Extradepartmental Minors

Students interested in becoming civics and social studies teachers should consider combining the political science major with the Social Studies minor.  For more information about the ISS minor, contact Professor John Hulsey at

While our department offers a major in international affairs, there is no minor in international affairs at JMU. That said, departmental faculty work with colleages elsewhere at JMU to staff a number of minors that address global concerns, including African, African American, and Diaspora (AAAD) Studies; Asian Studies; Latin American, Latinx, & Caribbean Studies; Middle Eastern Migrations & Communities; and Modern European Studies.

Our faculty also contribute to JMU's minors in Environmental Studies, Humanitarian Affairs, and Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (WGSS).

For a listing of all disciplinary and interdisciplinary minors in JMU's Colleage of Arts & Letters (CAL), visit the undergraduate programs list on the CAL website.

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