The major in international affairs provides an interdisciplinary understanding of foreign cultures and societies, the dynamics of world politics, and other nations' world views and their consequent actions. A liberal arts program (B.A. degree), the international affairs major combines interdisciplinary, intercultural and multilingual education. The courses for these concentrations stem from a broad variety of traditional liberal studies disciplines. The major also allows students to incorporate a minor in African, African American, & Diaspora (AAAD) Studies; Asian Studies; Latin American, Latinx, & Caribbean Studies; Middle Eastern Communities and Migrations; or Russian Studies. The international affairs major facilitates (but does not require) participation in Study Abroad programs. Because of limited course offerings, certain specializations may require language training from another university. International affairs is a 50-credit hour major, with a 32 credit common core and 18 credits of concentration study.

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All International Affairs majors must declare a concentration. There are 3 global concentrations and 5 regional concentrations.

Global Concentrations
Regional Concentrations

Each of the other five concentration options focuses on a geographic region, but does so in global perspective:

  1. Africa
  2. Asia
  3. Europe
  4. Latin America
  5. Middle East
Declaring to Major in International Affairs

The Political Science, International Affairs, and Public Administration majors are available to any student in good standing at the university. To declare one of these majors (or to declare a minor), go to the Student Center component of MyMadison on the STUDENT tab.  JMU's Office of the Registrar provides a step-by-step video tutorial with instructions on adding, dropping, and/or changing majors and minors.

Please direct questions about declaring the international affairs major to Dr. Keith Grant,

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