Modeling the world

Students gain critical life skills and a broader global view as members of JMU's simulation teams

Nation and World

by Janet Smith


SUMMARY: JMU offers five simulations modeled on international institutions. Beyond proven educational tools, these simulations increase participants' vision of the world and afford them a valuable group of colleagues.

Fueled by intensive research and public speaking practice, approximately 60 JMU students are learning the arts of diplomacy, debate and compromise in five simulations modeled on the African Union, Arab League, European Union, United Nations and Moot Court.

While other universities have model simulations, “It is unusual that there be this many at JMU,” said Chris Blake, head and professor of political science, the academic department that helps sponsor most of the JMU teams.

Membership in the model teams is open to all JMU students on a competitive basis. “It’s not essential that a person be a major in political science, but it is essential that they have a sense of international relations and a sense of the substance involved of the simulation at issue,” Blake said.

Beyond being proven educational tools, simulations also provide JMU students with the development of broader networks of people—other students, faculty and governmental representatives—that increase their vision of the world and offer a valuable group of colleagues.

Read more about JMU's model simulations in the Fall 2016 issue of Madison.

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Published: Monday, May 23, 2016

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 1, 2023

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