Warning: Expelled organizations are groups that have either lost recognition from James Madison University and/or their national headquarters due to disciplinary action or were groups that formed and do not have recognition or support from James Madison University. Sometimes these organizations continue to operate in spite of JMU policy. Expelled organizations are not advised by the university, are unable to use campus resources, and are prohibited from participating in Fraternity and Sorority Life events. These organizations usually are not recognized by an Inter/National headquarters and are not held to the same standards and policies as our recognized fraternities/sororities.

Oftentimes these groups will claim they are “working on getting recognized by the university.” This is not true. JMU currently has no plans to recognize any of these expelled organizations, if the national headquarters of one of these groups are invited to colonize on campus, they would be starting a completely new organization separate from the expelled group or the people that unrecognized group would have been recruiting. The only planned fraternity expansions can be found on our Fraternity Expansion page.

Benefits of Joining a Recognized Fraternity/Sorority

  • Advised by Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Ability to participate in JMU and FSL events
  • Ability to recruit members through Interfraternity Council or Panhellenic Council recruitment processes
  • Ability to hold events and advertise on campus
  • Ability to play in Fraternity and Sorority Intramural Leagues
  • Organization can hold membership in Panhellenic or Interfraternity Council
  • Members and organizations are eligible for awards through the Fraternity and Sorority Life Accreditation Process.
  • Members and organizations are eligible for awards and recognition at Student Activities and Involvement’s SOAR Awards
  • Access to the University Union’s Clubhouse
    • The Clubhouse is a resource center that supports the development and promotional needs of recognized student organizations.

List of Expelled Organizations

Alpha Tau Omega (Also known as: The Alpha Society, Alpha Omega, JMU Taus) ‑ Lost recognition in Fall 2015 due to multiple violations of probation

Delta Chi (Also known as: Pi Beta Chi, Crosskeys Society) ‑ Lost recognition in Fall 2013 due to hazing (Forced calisthenics and underage drinking)

Sigma Chi (Also known as: Iota Chi, Sigma Iota Chi) ‑ Lost recognition in Fall 2015 due to hazing, issues with drugs/alcohol, and multiple risk management concerns

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