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There are opportunities for members in many of our organizations to live in facilities with other members of their organization. Many organizations have a requirement that members live in the chapter facility the year after joining unless it is already filled for the upcoming year. Also, some chapters require specific officers to live in the chapter facility so that they are easily accessible to all chapter members. 12 of our sororities have on-campus houses affectionately known as “The Row”.  These houses are supervised by a house manager who is a member of the organization trained by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and the Office of Residence Life in a fashion similar to that of a Resident Assistant. Rates for living in on-campus sorority housing are similar to other residence halls at JMU. During the recruitment process, we encourage you to tell your student to ask about any housing requirements that organizations may have. 

Living in Greek housing has many benefits.  Students will build social skills and relationships, dedicated study space, and the feeling of independence but also the comfort of structure and oversight.   Greek housing living brings having your sisters or brothers around, offering wisdom, camaraderie and support.  The student now has a team of smiling sisters and brothers sitting front and center in her life.

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