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Resources to Use for Autonomy



  • Learner Autonomy:
    • How to set your own goals, reflect on your progress, and seek opportunities to practice what you’ve learned, outside the classroom.
  • Emerging Adulthood:
    • Essay arguing that during ages 18-25 that, emerging adulthood, is neither adolescence nor young adulthood but is theoretically and empirically distinct from them both.

On Campus Resources

  • Career and Academic Planning:  (540) 568-6555 | SSC 3210
    • Career and Academic Planning can help with choosing a major and learning about possible career options. If you’re applying for a job, internship, or graduate school they can help you with the process.
  • Office of Disability Services: (540) 568-6705 | SSC 1202
    • Provides programs and services that support the university in creating inclusive, equitable environments that value disability, diversity and accessibility.
  • Science and Math Learning Center
    • Assist students in understanding course content, homework assignments and lab reports found in first and second year physics, chemistry, math, and statistics courses. No appointments are necessary and the services are free!
  • Learning Centers: (540) 568-2932 | SSC Rooms 1100-1167
    • The Learning Centers offer free tutoring by trained faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Their six programs offer discipline-specific, customized instruction to help JMU students take their learning to the next level. 

Other Resources

    • Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, and Facebook are all places you can find interesting podcasts in varying topics.


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