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We have designed this program for students who need support to enhance their prospects of being successful at JMU and/or to avoid additional violations. The Mentor Experience teams students with a trained faculty/staff member or graduate student for 8–15 weekly meetings.

The program is used as a sanction for any type of violation -- it is assigned in response to the student’s needs and the underlying reason(s) for the violation, not the violation itself.

The concerns we seek to address in this program include:

  • Lack of a sense of purpose or direction
  • Not making decisions or acting in accordance with personal values (including resisting peer-pressure)
  • Poor self-image and/or pessimism regarding personal future
  • Weak mastery of the JMU or student environment
  • Weak relationships with others and/or JMU
  • Inadequate support while dealing with substance use issues
  • Inadequate support while dealing with mental health issues

Program Goal: Students will show an increase in their sense of Psychological Well-being


Students will report…

  1. a greater degree of self-acceptance
  2. a greater sense of autonomy
  3. a greater sense of purpose
  4. more/improved positive relationships
  5. an increased sense of environmental mastery


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