Congratulations on accepting your admissions offer to join the JMU community! We know that must have been a big decision for you and your family. We realize that there are many different factors that have led to your decision to transfer. No matter the reason, we are ready to meet your needs as you prepare for this transition. There are three phases of Orientation at JMU, see below.

The Transfer One Book
The Transfer One Book is your one-stop-shop that contains all the important steps, details and information you need to begin your transition to JMU. The Transfer One Book, and the companion website, will guide you through several steps you need to complete in preparation for Summer Springboard. It is important that you – not your parents or siblings – complete all the steps by the stated deadlines. Why wait until the deadlines? Get ahead by completing the steps early!

Transfer Summer Orientation
We are excited to welcome you to JMU and are eager to help you transition to your life as a Duke during this one-day program on campus. You'll meet your Transfer Orientation Peer Adviser, learn more about your academic program and start making connections with other transfer students.

Weeks of Welcome
Finally, we’ll round out your transition with Weeks of Welcome, our welcome program. Get settled into your new living space and join us for both academic and social programs. This is a great opportunity to get reconnected with your TOPA and learn all about how to make the most out of your time at JMU. Sure, there will be fun times and many memories made, but the important thing is that we help you get prepared for your new life at JMU.

Transfer Dates

Spring Orientation
Dec. 3 and 10

Weeks of Welcome
Jan. 15 - 30

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