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JMU offers multiple Pre-Weeks of Welcome experiences for incoming First-Year and Transfer students. These experiences allow new students to move-in early and start making connections with other new students and leaders prior to the official start of Weeks of Welcome.  Pre-Weeks of Welcome experiences are not required and may have a cost associated with them. Below is an overview of each experience that you can choose from. Registration for these programs is now open! 

Dukes Career Connections (DCC): Transfer Students Only

During Dukes Career Connections, you will connect your academic and career plans; build community through connections with peers, alumni and employers; and set achievable goals for your success. All are welcome whether you are sure about your career path or are still developing your academic and career goals.

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Dukes Making a Difference (DMAD)

DMAD will allow you to connect with other service-mined students while volunteering with local nonprofits. Learn about Harrisonburg’s most pressing social issues. No experience necessary; come ready to learn and serve together! Registration costs include transportation and food.

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Madison Orientation Adventure Trip (MOAT)

MOAT is a three-night, four-day adventure program designed for new students. Students will meet up with welcoming and knowledgeable student trip leaders to tent camp, rock climb, hike, and canoe in the Shenandoah Valley. No experience is necessary! There are multiple MOAT trips across the summer as well as an August session that takes place just before classes start.

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Mosaic Connections (MC)

MC, hosted by the Center for Multicultural Student Services, seeks to energize, equip, and engage new multicultural students to the JMU community and culture. Students will gain access to on campus and community resources, build community among fellow students, explore what it means to hold different identifies, and celebrate this new transition.

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