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At Summer Springboard, you were introduced to The Madison Collaborative: Ethical Reasoning in Action. The Madison Collaborative is aimed at preparing you to be an enlightened citizen who will apply ethical reasoning to your personal, professional, and civic life. In short, we want to help you develop the knowledge and critical thinking skills to resolve ethical situations that you will encounter during your Madison experience, and beyond.

It's Complicatedis a program designed to provide you with a tangible illustration of The Madison Collaborative. Before returning to campus for 1787 August Orientation, do the following:

The Madison Collaborative: Ethical Reasoning in Action
  • Watch a video.
  • Ponder the ethical considerations.
  • Answer a few questions.
  • Learn about the Madison Collaborative at the end of the questionnaire.

Simple tasks, yet the path to a decision may be complicated.

Watch the "It's complicated." video

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