2019.1787AO.pngWhat is 1787?

It was August 1787 when James Madison and his buddies met in Philadelphia to write the U.S. Constitution. Through wigs and wooden teeth, they made a tremendous transition! This country was never the same and you won't be either after your time at 1787. JMU August Orientation is called 1787 because the month of August will bring tremendous transitions for you. By the end of August, you will be ready for your new life at JMU! 

At 1787 you will...

  • Discover how to make JMU an unparalleled educational experience
  • Make friends before classes begin
  • Get tips from faculty on how to succeed in the classroom
  • Get the scoop on differences between high school and college
  • Take in some great entertainment
  • Get settled before classes begin
  • Explore new culture

Take a glimpse into your schedule!

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