Congratulations on accepting your admissions offer to join the JMU community! We know that must have been a big decision for you and your family, as transitioning to college is a big step to take in life. With this big decision out of the way, you’re going to be a pro at making a few more decisions that await you. This is the beginning of the three-phase process of successfully transitioning to JMU. Read on to learn about each of the phases.

The One Book

The One Book is your one-stop-shop that contains all the important steps, details and information you need to begin the transition to JMU. The One Book, and the companion website, will guide you through steps to complete in preparation for Summer Springboard and making the transition to campus in August. It is important that you – not your parents or siblings – complete all of the steps by the stated deadlines. Why wait until the deadlines? Get ahead by completing the steps early!

Summer Springboard

Summer Springboard is the second phase of your transition. You will come to campus for one day in either June or July to meet other members of your incoming class, get advice from your Orientation Peer Adviser, learn about the expectations of being a member of the campus community, and finalize your fall course schedule. Summer Springboard is a full day, and all the steps you completed throughout The One Book will ensure that you are prepared for the day.

1787 August Orientation

Finally, we’ll round out your transition with 1787 August Orientation, our fall welcome week program. This is the official beginning of your JMU experience…you’ll move into your residence hall, reconnect with your OPA, meet your First yeaR Orientation Guide (FROG), and be immersed in several academic and social programs throughout the week to help you become acclimated to the campus. Sure, there will be fun times and many memories made, but the important thing about this week is that we help you get prepared for the collegiate experience that you have chosen for the next chapter of your life. We hope you’re ready for all that we have in store for you, because the university is excited about you, as the newest member of James Madison University!

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