How Do I Get Involved With An Organization?

CMSS student organizations are diverse in their interest areas, as well as their membership. Above you will find links to the BeInvolved pages for all of our organizations. There you can gather more information and determine whether you would like to consider membership for one of them. Contact information should be included for each organization on their BeInvolved page as well.

If you have questions regarding CMSS student organizations please email CMSS Associate Director of Leadership.

Multicultural Leadership Meetings

These meetings take place monthly, and are an invitation for executive board members of CMSS student organizations. This is an opportunity for CMSS org leadership to come together to share information about upcoming events, create avenues for collaboration, recieve important updates and opportunities from CMSS staff, and hear from guest speakers about diversity, leadership, careers, etc.

Sponsorship Requests

CMSS offers sponsorship for CMSS student organizations. Consider requesting sponsorship for your student organization events. The CMSS Request Form can be found on the CMSS Campus Groups at the bottom under "Documents".

Student Activities and Involvement

All recognized student organizations at JMU are supported through the office of Student Activities and Involvement. While CMSS provides additional support to the multicultural student organizations we work with, Student Activities and Involvement still has a wealth of resources for your organization. Please visit their Student Organizations page for more information.

Wellness Passport Proposals

The Wellness Passport is a required assignment for all students enrolled in HTH100 Personal Wellness. If your upcoming program or event meets the various objectives of the HTH100 wellness dimensions, your student organization can submit the program to be considered as a Passport Event. You can find more information here for the dimension requirements. In order to submit a request for your program to be a Passport Event, please send the following information to Dianne Nibblins at

  • Program title
  • Program date
  • Program start and end time
  • Program location (and room capacity)
  • Program sponsors (if applicable)
  • Brief description of program
  • Program dimension(s): Intellectual, Emotional, Social/Cultural, Occupational, Spiritual, Environmental

Please note that program proposals must be submitted at least 15 business days prior to the program date. The program or event can not exceed the maximum time limit of an hour and a half.

Multicultural Leadership Summit

This event takes place early in the fall semester of every year. Exectutive board members of CMSS student organizations are able to gain insight from leaders around campus and beyond, and participate in workshops to learn and develop skills that will enhance their upcoming year in leadership. Sessions and speaker topics may range in areas of leadership, diversity and inclusion, event planning, recruitment of members, branding, career development, and so forth. Each year the program brings new dynamic facilitators, and a wealth of information to CMSS student organizations.

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