Center for Multicultural Student Services (CMSS) and Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) offices have added cultural and identity spaces that many students have already started using. Although each area represents a different affinity group, their common purpose is to acknowledge and affirm the importance of our intersecting identities and to promote interpersonal inclusion. We welcome all students in each space as we nurture a deeper sense of community through cultural exploration and collaboration.

These areas are also meant to provide additional space and support for our culture-based organizations, and to allow for peer-to-peer relations to be fostered. Each space was intentionally left as a blank canvas so that our students could feel free to express themselves, their cultures, and their organizations in these spaces as they see fit. We invite and encourage students to claim these areas as their own.

Each space has a CMSS or SOGIE Graduate Assistant liaison who will serve as the direct point of contact and support students with any requests or questions about that space.  

  • The Black Student Lounge:
    Centers the voices, experiences, and realities of students who identify with the Black, African-American, and/or African Diaspora community on campus. Jordan Jefferson (, GA for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, will serve as the liaison for the Black Student Lounge.   
  • The Asian American & Pacific Islander Student Lounge:
    Connects and engages the community around the AAPI experience on campus. Chloe Dauer (, GA for CMSS Multicultural Programming, will serve as the liaison for the Asian American & Pacific Islander Student Lounge.
  • The Latinx Student Lounge:
    Provides a space for students to engage in and learn about Latinx culture, heritage, and traditions on campus. Shay Lumpkin (, GA for CMSS Student Leadership, will serve as the liaison for the Latinx Student Lounge.
  • The Lavender Lounge:
    Provides a space for students in the LGBTQ+ community to center their experiences and voices. Daniel Bellerose (, GA for SOGIE, will serve as the liaison for the Lavender Lounge.  
  • The CMSS SOGIE Intersecting Lounge:
    Our shared space, for all identities to feel invited and welcomed as they are. Chrissy Donald (donal2cs@jmu.eduGA for SOGIE, will serve as the liaison for the CMSS SOGIE Intersecting Lounge.  

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