D.E.E.P. Impact Diversity Educator Positions
  • Diversity Educators are paid Student Staff who create and implement programming that focuses on promoting inclusion, advocacy, and dialogue in order to equip students with the cultural capacity to change the world. Diversity Educators lead monthly dialogues for the student body, participate in Outreach presentations & educational workshops across campus, and share interactive conversation through social media. 

  • Diversity Educators must commit to working the 2021-2022 Academic Year. Training takes place August 16- August 19, 2021 on campus.  

  • Employment Requirements: Students must have participated and completed the Fall HRD 123 Course: Developing Multicultural Competency for Effective Communiction.  The course is offered every Fall semester. 
  • Applications open March 1, 2021 through March 26, 2021.
    • If interested in an application, email Rebeca Barge at bargers@jmu.edu
    • Join our D.E.E.P. Impact Info Session on Friday, March 19, at 1pm via Zoom
    • Interviews will be conducted begining March 29, 2021
    • Final hiring decisions are made in April 2021
  •  HRD 123 Course Objectives:

    • Demonstrate an awareness of their own social identities, including a recognition of privilege and marginalization
    • Demonstrate an increased knowledge of various social identities and identity groups
    • Critique cultural texts such as songs or video clips
    • Develop diversity education programming, including creating educational presentations and selecting dialogue models
    • Identify and apply skills for effective facilitation, including active listening and trigger management
    • Apply group dynamics concepts to their experiences
    • Demonstrate emotional awareness through self-reflection

    Register in April for the Fall 2021 HRD 123 Course!

Student Assistant Positions
  • Office Assistant
  • Social Media / Marketing Assistant
  • Graphic Design / Photographer

All positions are posted on the student employment website as they become available. Visit the Student Employment website for more information on Student Assistant Positions.

Graduate Assistantships
  • D.E.E.P. Impact GA
  • Leadership Development GA

Descriptions of all assistantships can be found on the College Student Personnel Administration website or contact Rebeca Barge at bargers@jmu.edu.

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