• Apr 27: Spring 2021 Donning of the Kente
    The Donning of the Kente celebration recognizes the accomplishments of graduating students who have engaged in CMSS programs and services while at James Madison University. Due to COVID-19 we can unfortunately not celebrate in this occasion in person as we would have wanted. However, we are planning to host this wonderful occasion in real-time virtually.
  • Aug 27: First Friday Block Party
  • Sep 8: D.E.E.P. Impact Dialogues
  • Sep 18: CMSS Leadership Summit
  • Sep 23: D.E.E.P. Impact Latinx Speaker
  • Oct 13: D.E.E.P. Impact Dialogues
  • Nov 6: Homecoming Step Show
  • Nov 10: D.E.E.P. Impact Dialogues
  • Nov 18: D.E.E.P. Impact Series Native American Speaker
  • Feb 9: D.E.E.P. Impact Dialogues

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