• Sep 17: MSA Friday Prayers
  • Sep 18: CMSS Multicultural Leadership Summit
  • Sep 20: International Week | International Bazaar
    The International Bazaar is a free event that will feature vendors, food, music, displays, and entertainment in the heart of campus. Vendors and student groups, bringing merchandise from around the world, will be there. Don’t forget to bring cash – this will be a great place to pick up gifts for your friends and family or splurge on something for yourself!
  • Sep 20: Pi Sigma Epsilon Cookout
  • Sep 21: International Week | CISR Celebrates 25 Years of Bringing the Global Community to JMU
    Over the past 25 years, the Center for International Stabilization and Recovery (CISR) and its partners at JMU (faculty, staff and students!) have engaged in humanitarian mine action and post-conflict work abroad. This work changes the community abroad, but also impacts the JMU community through their experiences. Join us for an expert panel discussion moderated by CISR’s Interim Director as we share stories and reflect on 25 years of progress and building our global community. Enjoy a light reception on the patio following the event.
  • Sep 22: International Week | Study Abroad Fair
    Interested in going abroad? Come and learn about different study abroad programs that await – India, Ireland, Japan, Spain, and South Africa… the JMU list of programs goes on to include 90+ different programs in 50+ countries around the world. JMU semester, short-term, and graduate program directors and representatives will be available to share their experience and to answer your questions. You will also have the opportunity to speak and learn about programs from other universities and providers.
  • Sep 22: CMSS D.E.E.P. Impact Dialogue
  • Sep 23: International Week | Global Virtual Exchange
    JMU’s Center for Global Engagement invites students for a time of peer-to-peer engagement with university students from around the world through a facilitated virtual exchange session. Practice the rules of dialogue and explore questions surrounding the topic of: "Who am I now? Engaging Locally and Globally Today" - How has your life changed over the past 18 months? - How have life priorities changed for you? - How do you keep being engaged locally and globally? Register online here.
  • Sep 23: Latinx Heritage Month Cultural Series Speaker & Performer: Olmeca
    Join the Center for Multicultural Student Services and College of Arts & Letters in celebrating Latinx Heritage Month at JMU with speaker and performer Olmeca! Thursday, Sept 23, at Forbes Center for the Performing Arts at 7:30 pm. Olmeca is a Hip-Hop artist, producer, activist and scholar who has been featured on BBC London, Complex Magazine, Noisey, Huffington Post, NPR, Democracy Now and CNN Latino. His music has been featured on various documentaries including PBS “Independent Lens”, and “Two Americans,” a documentary about the immigration issues in Arizona. Olmeca grew up in the barrios of L.A. and Mexico, a reality that brewed his blending of music genres and cultural sensitivity. While everyday people respect his lyrical content, music connoisseurs value the production, and educators utilize Olmeca’s music in their classrooms.
  • Sep 24: International Week | Global Games
    Come to Hillside Field to participate in the 2021 Global Games! Globally-inspired games and games from around the world will be available for teams and individuals to play. Come join in the fun!
  • Sep 24: MSA Friday Prayers
  • Sep 24: International Week | Peace Corps Prep Virtual Info Session
    The JMU PC Prep Coordinators will host a live, drop-in virtual information session. Please join anytime during the hour to learn more about the Peace Corps and about JMU's PC Prep Certificate Program preparing students for all types of international work and service. This program is offered as part of JMU's International Week (I-Week) hosted by the Center for Global Engagement. Register online here
  • Sep 28: FAM Team Building Workshop
  • Sep 29: Study Abroad Special Advising
    A Special Day of Study Abroad Advising!Have questions? What to talk with someone? Come to our Study Abroad Special Advising Session! Let us answer your questions. Have a snack + application fee waived for students who start an application at the event!
  • Sep 29: Out On Campus
  • Oct 1: MSA Friday Prayers
  • Oct 1: FAM AK Game Night / Karaoke Night
  • Oct 6: Study Abroad Info Session
    The first step to Study Abroad... is figuring out where + what + when + how! Come to a Study Abroad Info Session and let us tell you about it!
  • Oct 6: DEEP Impact Diversity Dialogues
  • Oct 8: MSA Friday Prayers
  • Oct 11: MSA Chai and Cultural Sweets
  • Oct 12: aKDPhi Event
  • Oct 12: The Coming Out Monologues
  • Oct 13: MSA Henna Night
  • Oct 13: Study Abroad Info Session
    The first step to Study Abroad... is figuring out where + what + when + how! Come to a Study Abroad Info Session and let us tell you about it!
  • Oct 14: Skee-Week Event - Cynthia Ruff on her book "The Black Square Project"
  • Oct 20: FAM and aKDPhi Workshop
  • Oct 21: Study Abroad Info Session
    The first step to Study Abroad... is figuring out where + what + when + how! Come to a Study Abroad Info Session and let us tell you about it!
  • Oct 27: CMSS D.E.E.P. Impact Dialogue
  • Oct 28: Study Abroad Info Session
    The first step to Study Abroad... is figuring out where + what + when + how! Come to a Study Abroad Info Session and let us tell you about it!
  • Oct 30: FAM Alumni Panel & Networking Event
  • Nov 6: Homecoming Step Show
  • Nov 10: D.E.E.P. Impact Dialogues
  • Nov 12: Kappa Alpha Psi Showcase
  • Nov 16: Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil
  • Nov 18: D.E.E.P. Impact Series Native American Speaker
  • Dec 8: CMSS D.E.E.P. Impact Dialogue
  • Dec 11: Delta Sigma Theta-Iota Alpha Chapter 50th Anniversary Gala
  • Dec 12: Delta Sigma Theta-Iota Alpha Chapter 50th Anniversary Brunch
  • Dec 14: Fall Donning of the Kente Reception
  • Jan 26: CMSS D.E.E.P. Impact Dialogue
  • Feb 9: D.E.E.P. Impact Dialogues
  • Feb 12: Student Diversity Summit
  • Feb 12: Madison Equality Charity Ball
  • Feb 17: D.E.E.P. Impact Series Black History Month Speaker
  • Feb 23: CMSS D.E.E.P. Impact Dialogue
  • Mar 5: JMU VSA 2022 Culture Show
  • Mar 9: D.E.E.P. Impact Dialogues
  • Mar 23: Annual Diversity Conference
  • Mar 23: CMSS D.E.E.P. Impact Dialogue
  • Mar 24: D.E.E.P. Impact Series Women's History Month Speaker
  • Mar 25: International Student Leadership Conference
  • Mar 26: International Student Leadership Conference
  • Apr 2: Taste of Africa
  • Apr 5: Transgender Day of Visibility Speaker
  • Apr 6: CMSS D.E.E.P. Impact Dialogue
  • Apr 9: FAM Annual Culture Show
  • Apr 12: Out On Campus
  • Apr 13: D.E.E.P. Impact Dialogues
  • Apr 21: Lavender Graduation
  • Apr 30: Taste of Africa
  • May 3: Donning of the Kente

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