The Wellness Passport is a required assignment for all students enrolled in GHTH 100 Personal Wellness. If your program meets the various objectives of the GHTH 100 wellness dimensions, your student organization can submit the program to be considered as a Passport Event.

CMSS Student Organizations wishing to make their program a Passport Event should send the information below to Ms. Dianne Nibblins at 

Note:  Passport proposals must be submitted 10 business days in advance and the maximum timeframe for the proposed event or program must be an hour and a half.

Please note emailing your passport request does not guarantee that your program will be approved as a passport event.

The following information pertaining to your program will need to be included in your request:

  • Title of your program
  • Date that the program will be held
  • Start and end time of your program
  • Location (and room capacity) of the program
  • Sponsors of your program
  • Brief description of the program
  • List which dimension(s) that your event falls under: Emotional, Intellectual, Occupational, Social, Spiritual, or Environmental

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