Male Academy and Female Institute Programs

The JMU Male Academy for Academic Achievement and Female Institute for Learning and Development are exciting two-week summer programs, which provide an opportunity for students, who will be rising 9th through 12th graders in the Fall to live and learn on a college campus, as well as enrich their development academically and socially.

This academic enrichment experience includes classes in Math, Writing and History with passionate and dedicated instructors from across the country. Other sessions provided to enhance personal development include topics in the area of leadership skills, career development, diversity, recreation, community service, personal and social problem solving, and teambuilding. Goals of the program are that participants will:

  • Develop knowledge about the collegiate experience and tools necessary to be accepted into and successful in college
  • Learn to navigate a college campus with awareness of the types of resources available
  • Develop meaningful relationships with young men/women in their peer groups
  • Adopt healthy views on manhood/womanhood
Frequently Asked Questions
When Do These Programs Take Place?

This year's program dates are Sunday, July 7th through Saturday, July 20th. Both programs respectively begin with an opening ceremony for participants and families and end with a closing banquet for both as well.

Who Is Eligible?

The programs are for rising 9th through 12th grade students. In the selection process, an emphasis will be placed on students with limited exposure to college, minority students, those who would be first generation college students, and/or students from low socio-economic backgrounds.

However, all students are encouraged to apply. Young women/men from a variety of diverse backgrounds are selected for participation in the program each year and learn a lot from one another as a result of our strategic selections.

What Does It Cost?

The cost of the program is $500.00. This cost includes housing, meals, tuition and fees, activities, etc. Specific due dates will be communicated upon acceptance. Please do not send a deposit or any payments until you have received a notice of acceptance from us.

How Are Participants Selected?

Applicants, parents/guardians, school officials and those offering recommendations will complete and submit the required online forms. From there, the program director along with a selection committee will select participants for the program based upon application materials submitted by the deadline.

Male Academy for Academic Achievement

  • Program Director:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 540.568.6140
  • Address: James Madison University, 285 Warren Service Dr., MSC 3504, Madison Union Room 207, Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Female Institute for Learning and Development

  • Program Director: Ms. Chervon Moore
  • Email:
  • Phone: 540.568.4013
  • Address: James Madison University, 285 Warren Service Dr., MSC 3504, Madison Union Room 207, Harrisonburg, VA 22807

How Do I Access Applications?

Application links for both programs are included below. Your applications are not complete until all application requirements (Steps 1 through 4) are submitted. Be sure to read the landing pages at the end of the applications carefully. Also, please be sure to complete the proper forms for the program you are applying to (Male Academy or Female Institute). Although the applications are similar, the submissions will be stored in different locations.

Male Academy Application Materials Checklist:

  1. Participant Application Form (includes parental/guardian information and essay submission): 
  2. General Recommendation Form:
  3. School Recommendation Form:
  4. Official Transcripts (school must email to or send to the mailing address listed above)

Female Institute Application Materials Checklist:

  1. Participant Application (includes parental/guardian information and essay submission):
  2. General Recommendation Form:
  3. School Recommendation Form:
  4. Official Transcripts (school must email to or send to the mailing address listed above)

Please take a moment to view JMU Policy 1406 on Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect and JMU Policy 1340 on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct. JMU employees serve as mandated reporters in each of these areas. Access to these policies can be found using the links above as well as on the Summer Programs website, which was used to access this application.

What About School and General Recommendation Forms?

Please direct those who will be completing your school and general recommendations to this website so that they can access the link directly from here. All other forms are to be completed by the participant or parent/guardian.

When is the Application Deadline?

The application deadline for participants is Friday, April 12th at 5pm EST. All materials must be submitted by this deadline for full consideration.

Staff Applications Are Available!

Our staff are essential to the management, flow, and success of this program. Each year we hire local college students for the following positions:

  • Resident Advisors (4)
    • Role: Develop mentor relationships with participants, support and mentor small group of participants, facilitate activities and discussions, assist in management and coordination of all group activities and events.
  • Hall Director (1)
    • Role: Serve as liaison between program director and resident counselors in leadership role, serve as point of contact for residence hall management, assist in execution of all programs, activities, and events.
  • Administrative Assistant (1)
    • Role: Collect and organize required documents/payments for accepted participants, create/manage spreadsheets and other files to organize data, assist in planning of travel, communicate with parents/guardians during camp, assist in planning and execution of Opening Ceremony, panels, luncheons, and Closing Banquet.

Please use the links below to apply. Each staff application link provides more information about the various positions. You must have a valid driver's license. Staff applications are due March 15th.

Male Academy for Academic Achievement Staff Application Materials
Female Institute for Learning and Development Staff Application Materials

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