Our Mission

The Center for Multicultural Student Services (CMSS) is an integral part of the student experience at James Madison University as we educate and advocate for racial equity, intersectionality, and effective allyship. CMSS strives to support an inclusive campus through dialogue, leadership experiences, and cultural celebrations beyond the classroom that honor and value diverse identities.  

Alignment with Division & University Goals

CMSS remains steadfast in assisting the University in its overall goal of promoting diversity. Towards this effort, the Center seeks to retain students of color through encouraging and promoting their active participation in all-available programs, services, curricula and activities while preserving their cultural identity. The Center also seeks to encourage students of color to achieve and maintain academic excellence while assisting them in making successful adjustments to university life.

Departmental Goals
  • Provide programming opportunities for the campus community that raise awareness and engagement around issues of diversity, access, inclusion, social justice and civic engagement.
  • Create a sense of belonging for all students through educational programs in which students can provide and facilitate peer-to-peer dialogues and discussions on the topics of diversity, inclusivity, multiculturalism, identity development, social justice and civic engagement.
  • To create and sustain a standard of excellence for multicultural Greek-lettered organizations in the areas of scholarship and service.
  • Provide training and leadership skills to students who hold executive board positions within a student organization represented under CMSS.
  • Create an environment where all students feel welcomed and encouraged to take advantage of CMSS programs and services.
Programs and Services

The Center for Multicultural Student Services strives to create an inclusive campus community that values the richness of all individuals and perspectives. CMSS focuses on campus-wide programming to celebrate and create understanding related to multiculturalism, and provides guidance and support for individual students and student organizations.


Expansion of Office of Minority Student Affairs


Virginia Student Transition Program


Renamed Office of Minority Student Life


Birth of Center for Multicultural Student Services (CMSS)


Support of International Student Development


Refocusing on Multicultural Issues


Increasing Student Leadership


Increasing Student Leadership Infrastructure


Introduction of I.C.G.C.


Office Relocation


SA Program of the Year Award


HRD 101/201


Office Expansion


Multicultural Programs and Engagement

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