Many of the mathematics majors in our department are focued on math education, and graduate with a qualification for initial teaching licensure. The Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies (IDLS) Major is recommended for students interested in early or middle grades education and requires a collection of lower-division courses along with two upper-level concentrations. We also offer an Algebra I Add-On Endorsement for IDLS majors.

In collaboration with the College of Education, the Department also offers a Master of Education (MEd) in Mathematics, a fully online program for secondary mathematics teachers.

What is Mathematics Education?

Mathematics education is a discipline that is grounded in mathematics while simultaneously attending to the teaching and learning of mathematics. Students preparing to become teachers in the Commonwealth of Virginia must major in a content discipline (such as mathematics or Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies) and complete coursework in a teacher education program. So, although not a major, at James Madison University mathematics education is a crucial part of the preparation of teachers of mathematics at all grade levels PreK-12. In particular, one of our goals is to emphasize understanding how students learn mathematics and how this understanding can inform curriculum design, teaching practices, and assessment. Recommendations from the Mathematical Education of Teachers report of the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences inform the mathematics content courses for teachers offered through the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Our Math Education Programs

Our department offers many degree options for students that want to pursue mathematics education:

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