Welcome to the math education group at the JMU Department of Mathematics & Statistics. To access contact information and detailed research portfolios for the faculty members below, please click on each individual's name or picture. 

As a faculty group, we design and teach courses to help future teachers develop a deep understanding of the mathematics they will teach.  Topics and concepts are explored through solving problems, reasoning, making connections, communicating, and representing mathematical ideas. Through this exploration, our objective is to challenge students to think more deeply about mathematics and to extend their mathematical understanding while also connecting to elementary and middle school curriculum and/or teaching practices.

G arnold

Elizabeth 'Beth' A. Arnold

Professor, Pure Math and Math Ed; Chair, Pure Math


Rich Busi

Associate Professor and Chair, Math Ed


David C. Carothers

Professor, Pure Math and Math Ed


Jennifer Gibson

Lecturer, Math Ed


LouAnn Lovin

Professor, Math Ed


John Siegfried

Associate Professor, Math Ed


Alexis Stevens

Assistant AUH, Associate Professor, Math Ed

Chris Willingham

James Willingham

Associate Professor, Math Ed


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