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Justice Studies values civic and community engagement.  We encourage students to find ways to be involved with and contribute to their communities.  As articulated on the Civic Engagement Webiste, civic engagement involves “preparing individuals to be active and responsible participants in a representative democracy dedicated to the common good.” 

Justice Studies offers many opportunities for civic and community engagement, including the following:


JUST 401. Internship in Justice Studies. 4 credits.

This course allows students to receive academic credit for work experienced in an agency or organization related to the justice studies major. Students should consult the justice studies director for assistance in arranging approved internships. Prerequisites: JUST 200  and JUST 399 . Successful completion of four additional justice studies courses.  This course may be taken only once for credit. 

JUST 403. Nelson Institute Seminar. 3 credits.

Students enrolled in this course will be assigned to consider a contemporary problem Justice Studies. Working individually and in teams, students will first study the problem, and then propose workable solutions. Prerequisite: Junior or senior status and permission of the instructor. This course may be taken twice for credit. 

JUST 404. Practicum in Community-Based Research. 3 credits.

This course provides students with an intensive, collaborative community-based research experience working in partnership with a community organization or group. Students will integrate and apply principles and conceptions of justice and methods of scholarly inquiry to a community-identified problem. This course may be taken twice for credit. Prerequisites: JUST 200 , JUST 399  and permission of the instructor.

Other Programs:

Nelson Institute

Gandhi Center


For more information about civic and community engagement opportunities in Justice Studies, please contact the departmental advisor, Daisy Breneman.

University Opportunities and Resources

Local Community Opportunities

External Opportunities

Please note this is not an endorsement of the organizations, their politics, or the programs, but rather just a list of some opportunities that may be of interest to Justice Studies majors: 

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