For students exploring majors, University Advising is an excellent resource.  Students interested in the Justice Studies major can learn more on the Justice Studies website or the JMU catalog.

Please note that Justice Studies is not a Criminal Justice Major.  JMU does offer an interdisciplinary Criminal Justice minor. 

Because of the way students progress through the major, it takes at least five semesters to complete the requirements. Only declared Justice Studies majors can enroll in JUST 200.  Students must take JUST 200 first; it is the only course students are allowed to take during their first semester in the major.  The semester following successful completion of JUST 200, students may begin to take the 200-level foundation courses. During the third semester in the major, students may begin to take 300-level Justice Studies courses. Also be aware that MATH 220 is a prerequisite for JUST 399: Research Methods, which is in turn a prerequisite for JUSt 400: Senior Seminar. Please see the catalog for other prerequisites and requirements.

New First year and Transfer Students should declare the Justice Studies major when they register for Orientation.

Currently enrolled major changers should first contact the Justice Studies Academic Advisor, Daisy Breneman, to discuss the major.  The process for declaring majors has been moved online; see the Registrar's website for additional information.  Read the information on MyMadison carefully, as there are additional steps required to complete the major declaration process.  Please note that this process may take several days or longer, especially during peak times (such as immediately before and during Registration).  There will also be times, such as over the summer, during Winter Break, and immediately before Registration, when we are temporarily unable to complete changes of majors. Students should plan ahead and contact the academic advisor early to begin the process. 

Please also contact the academic advisor with any questions about declaring the major. 

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