The Justice Studies major includes opportunities for field work and career-related internships as part of the curriculum.

For more in-depth information about careers in Justice Studies, please visit  The University Career Center in the Student Success Center; UCC offers students many valuable resources, including online resources, a resource library, resume workshops, practice interviews, career and internships fairs, one-on-one meetings with career advisors, and more. 

Of particular interest might be the Career Guide for Majors: Justice Studies and Handshake  For more assistance exploring career options, please feel free to contact the Justice Studies academic advisor.

There are many career paths available to Justice Studies majors; the list below represents just a few examples of the possibilities.  Students should be aware that some careers require additional training, education, or certification.  This should not be seen as a comprehensive list, nor should students limit themselves to these options.  Rather, this is just to demonstrate a few of the many options to explore: 

Academic and Research:
Consultant, Professor, Researcher, Teacher (for example, with Teach for America)

Correctional Caseworker, Juvenile Probation Officer; Probation/Parole Officer

Diplomatic Corps: 
Cultural Affairs Associate, Diplomatic Analyst, Foreign Service Officer, Public Diplomacy Officer

Human Services, Government, Service Corps:
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Case Specialist, AmeriCorps Officer, Community Affairs Manager, Community Services Worker, Diversity Consultant, Equal Opportunity/Human Rights Specialist, Family Services Case Manager, Group Home Director, Human Resources Administration, Independent Living Coordinator, Juvenile Counselor, Peace Corp Officer, Rehabilitation Specialist, University Admissions Advisor, Victim/Witness Coordinator, Youth Service Coordinator

Intelligence and Security:
Homeland Security Agent. Intelligence Analyst, Intelligence Specialist, Public Safety Coordinator, Secret Service Agent, Security Analyst

Law and Law Enforcement:
Criminal Defense Attorney, Criminal Prosecution Attorney, Criminologist, Court Administrator, FBI Agent, Investigator, Judge/Magistrate, Law Enforcement Officer, Law Librarian, Legal Assistant, Litigation Paralegal, Paralegal (for example, for a nonprofit organization providing civil legal assistance), Public Defense Attorney

Non-Governmental/Non-Profit Organizations & Advocacy: 
Arbitrator, Child Welfare Administrator, Civil Rights Activist, Community/Campus Organizer, Conflict Resolution Specialist, Consumer Advocate, Court and Community Advocate, Human Rights Advocate, Immigrant and Refugee Coordinator, Independent Living Advocate, Mediator, Negotiator, Outreach/Education/Events/Training Coordinator, Public Interest Group Associate, Social Welfare Administrator, Victim Advocate

Public Policy and Politics: 
Campaign Manager, Field/Campaign Organizer, Legislative Aide/Staff Assistant, Legislative Correspondent, Legislator, Lobbyist, Political Aid, Political Consultant, Public Administrator, Public Affairs Aid, Public Policy Analyst/Advocate and Researcher, Speech Writer

Online Career Resources for Justice Studies majors:

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