JUSTICE is a concept that encompasses the principles of fairness, equity, and right action. Both as a personal virtue and a social principle, justice is necessary for sustaining and promoting the growth and development of individuals and communities politically, economically, and socially. To that end the field of Justice Studies provides a framework for the analysis and development of justice. The field of Justice Studies is broad in scope extending from the local level to the international level. Topics of investigation include those aspects of civil life that further the ideals of full citizenship participation and empowerment, the rule of law, human rights, conflict resolution, dialogue and reconciliation, and the integration of personal ethical inquiry and social agency.

Justice Studies is an interdisciplinary area of inquiry that brings together insights from the social sciences and humanities on questions such as these. Through the rigorous empirical and normative analyses of justice and injustice, it seeks to help students develop a personal definition of justice, a fuller understanding of the nature of the world in which they live, and identify careers and strategies for action. 




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