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JMU's Project GO program offers full scholarships to ROTC students from any accredited university or college in the United States to study and travel in East Africa.  For Summer 2022, the program includes 8 weeks of academic study, including Swahili language learning and cultural immersion in the East Africa Field School in Tanzania and Kenya.  The 2022 program dates are May 17 - July 14, 2022.  

This is a unique opportunity to learn about peoples, cultures, and environments of contemporary East Africa. The program features extensive travel and site visits, multiple homestays, lectures, readings, and Swahili lessons.  For more information, visit JMU East Africa Field School. (Note that Project GO students must complete both Part I and Part II of the East Africa Field School.)

Full scholarships are available to qualifying ROTC students after a competitive application process.  The 2022 program will accommodate all levels of Swahili learners, from beginners to advanced.  The Project GO scholarship covers:

  • airfare
  • tuition
  • room and board
  • program fees
  • admission fees
  • visa
  • in-region travel expenses

The participant is responsible for vaccinations and miscellaneous personal expenses while traveling.

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