The clinical service programs at IIHHS rely on a common infrastructure as a means of standardizing practices, assuring compliance with applicable regulations and containing costs.  These infrastructure resources include:

  • Billing procedures and services
  • HIPAA compliance resources and training materials
  • Medical records maintenance, consultation & EMR implementation
  • Security system implementation and training
  • Universal Precautions training
  • Recording and distance supervision equipment
  • Emergency response processes including an evacuation plan
  • Consolidated policies and procedures statements
  • University space appropriate for clinical practice

Need CPR and First Aid Certification?

Following is information about sign up procedures, dates, etc. for CPR and First Aid certification available through UREC. Sign up early, as classes have limited space.

To Register for CPR and First Aid Courses:

Registration takes place online at UREC or at the UREC Program Registration Desk.

For a list of current offerings, visit and click the "Register” button. From that page you can narrow your search down by clicking on “Aquatics and Safety” and then on the specific course of interest. Once registered, arrive 10-15 minutes early for your course. If you arrive later than the scheduled start time, you will not be permitted entry into the class and will not be eligible to receive a refund.

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