Institute Leadership

The Leadership Team consolidates knowledge of best practices and insights about opportunities for collaborative and/or interprofessional practice and learning opportunities throughout IIHHS. The Team is responsible for stewardship of resources, space and equipment. As a collective, this council embraces a larger network of colleagues across academic units thus advancing goals of the Institute, the College and the University. Team members contribute to grants development through advice, research, suggestions, and participation in proposal preparation as appropriate. Some members of this Team are also members of the Harrisonburg & Rockingham Healthy Community Council, to assure a strong alignment between the identified needs of the community and the programs provided through the Institute.

The Team relies on advice and guidance from the IIHHS Steering Committee and joint meetings with the Steering Committee are scheduled annually. Membership of the IIHHS Steering Committee includes representatives of the Leadership Team to further assure continuity of action and intent.


Linda Plitt Donaldson
Director of the Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services
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Kelly Atwood
Director of Clinical Programs
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Jolynne Bartley
Associate Director of Children and Youth Services
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Brenda Bechler
Assistant Director of Community Health Education
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Brent Finnegan
Director of Health Education Design Group
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Vesna Hart
Associate Director of Interprofessional and Interdisciplinary Education and Programs
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Kim Hartzler-Weakley
Associate Director of Research and Public Health
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Trevor Stokes
Director of Alvin V. Baird Attention and Learning Disabilities Center
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Institute Administrative Staff

Diana Pereira
Fiscal Administrator
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Kris Christophel
Clinical Billing Coordinator and Program Support
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Melissa Nagy
Clinical Billing Specialist
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Jennifer Rea
Operations Coordinator, Research and Public Health
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Katie Forsyth
Fiscal & Administrative Coordinator
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Stephen Farrar
Administrative & Operations Services Coordinator
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