IPE Course Criteria - Proposal Guidelines

Courses may be proposed as IPE only credits or as courses to be cross-listed with departmental prefixes, in which case the approval of the relevant department(s) must be evident in the proposal. Proposals are submitted to the IIHHS Associate Director for Interprofessional and Clinical Initiatives who will consult with the Director before presenting them to the IIHHS Steering Committee for review, which functions as a departmental faculty curriculum committee. Proposals gaining the approval of the IIHHS Steering Committee are submitted to the appropriate College C&I Curriculum Committee(s). Courses are approved for IPE credit based upon the following criteria:

  • Interprofessional education and teamwork/collaboration is an explicit design element of the course or activity and integral to the primary subject matter. Interprofessional teamwork/collaboration must be present and emphasized.
  • IPEC Core Competency (IPEC, 2011) development is reflected in course objectives, course
    assignments, and/or experiential or active learning opportunities.
    • Learning objectives include at least one of the core competency domains identified by the
      Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC, 2011).
      • Values/Ethics for Interprofessional Practice
      • Roles/Responsibilities of Interprofessional Team
      • Interprofessional Communication
      • Teams and Teamwork
    • Interprofessional teaching in the course or activity includes some or all of these three
      • Interprofessional health care &/or human service team assignments
      • Experiential or active learning opportunities
      • Reflective or debriefing sessions
  • The primary subject matter of the course has application for multiple health and human
    services professions.

The IIHHS Associate Director for Interprofessional and Clinical Initiatives will monitor progress for
proposals and share outcomes with relevant stakeholders.

Approved by IIHHS Steering Committee: September 15, 2015

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