At the Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services (IIHHS), the IIHHS Innovation Collaborative is committed to fostering a culture of innovation and inclusivity in all endeavors. It is a body that includes a representative from each of the CHBS academic units as well as representatives from each JMU college and other JMU departments. The Innovation Collaborative also plays a critical role in advancing initiatives to ensure that the Institute meets the needs of its diverse stakeholders. In collaboration with staff and community members, the Innovation Collaborative members contribute to developing and implementing innovative programs and initiatives that address the complex challenges facing the community. Their expertise and insights are vital in helping shape the future of IIHHS. The IIHHS Innovation Collaborative values diverse viewpoints and encourages open-mindedness, creativity, and flexibility as an approach to problem solving.  

IIHHS Innovation Collaborative Members

  • Linda Plitt Donaldson, CHBS Dean’s Office & IIHHS Director
  • Robin Anderson, Graduate Psychology (CHBS)
  • Natalie Kerr, Psychology (CHBS)
  • Catherine Brown, Nursing (CHBS)
  • Ashley Skelly, Health Professions (CHBS)
  • Laura Merrell, Health Sciences (CHBS)
  • Michelle Dawson, Communication Sciences and Disorders (CHBS)
  • Cathy McKay, Kinesiology (CHBS)
  • Ben Delp, Research Development and Promotion
  • Kerry Owens Cresawn, Center for STEM Education and Outreach (CISE)
  • Carmel Murphy Norris, Social Work (CHBS)
  • Kathryn Nusa Logan, ED of Office of Creative Propulsion, College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA)
  • [TBD], College of Arts and Letters (CALS)
  • [TBD], College of Education (CoE)
  • Margaret Sloan, College of Business (CoB)
  • Kim Davidson, Community Engagement and Volunteer Center
  • Kim Hartzler-Weakly, IIHHS Leadership Team
  • Jolynne Bartley, IIHHS Leadership Team
  • Vesna Hart, IIHHS Leadership Team
  • Brenda Bechler, IIHHS Leadership Team
  • Kelly Atwood, IIHHS Leadership Team
  • Connie Frigo, X-Labs
  • Lara Sapp, Library Liaison to CHBS
  • [TBD], Center for Civic Engagement

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