Are We Connected?

This is the question we ask ourselves every day at the Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services. It reminds us that knowledge is only as good as the connections it makes and that the connections between the campus and community are a mighty engine for the advancement of knowledge. We pursue innovations in health and human services by conscientiously connecting academic dedication to education, research, and service with community awareness of what people truly need. For those connections to advance scholarship on the campus and wellness in the community, they need to be sustained by the synergies of faculty and students and community leaders and engaged citizens whose interactions pay off in knowledge dividends.

Achieving these dividends is our primary goal at the Institute. Our educational programs, clinical services, community outreach, and research initiatives foster knowledge that is enriched by the intimacies between application and discovery. We get excited by knowledge that offers scientific rigor and public relevance, that blends pragmatic purpose and moral vision, and that leads our students into transformative works at home and around the world. This kind of knowledge takes time and effort and commitment, but with the right connections it is always within reach and the journey is worth every step. It is my privilege to offer this brief introduction to one of JMU’s treasures. I am confident you will find much of interest in the pages that follow, with details about what we value and what we do. And I eagerly invite you to learn more by contacting us. It would be our great pleasure to ask, “Are you connected?”

Dr. Rhonda Zingraff, Director

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