Audiology Clinic

The JMU Audiology Clinic is a part of the university’s teaching, research, and community services programs. Through our nationally ranked Au.D. Program, audiology graduate clinicians provide current, evidence based clinical services to individuals of all ages with hearing losses of all types. Under the close supervision of highly trained licensed audiologists, a diagnostic evaluation and treatment plan are devised for each person seen at the clinic. In addition to providing opportunities for quality clinical practicum experiences, the JMU Audiology Clinic also supports research into communication disorders and serves as a resource to the profession and local community.

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Speech-Language Clinic

The JMU Speech and Language is an outpatient, university-based clinic providing innovative services to children and adults with a wide range of communication disorders. Through our nationally ranked clinical program, graduate clinicians employ current evidence-based practices to guide diagnostic and therapeutic services under the close supervision of highly trained, ASHA certified/state licensed speech-language pathologists. Clients can expect comprehensive care, individualized treatment plans, and a collaborative approach to meet their unique needs with our clinicians.

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