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The Suitcase Clinic is a homeless healthcare initiative dedicated to improving the health of the local homeless population.

What We Do

At the Suitcase Clinic, we recognize the need for health services and the barriers to care that exist within the local Harrisonburg community. Rather than functioning in a fixed clinical setting, the mobile services provided by the Suitcase Clinic allow clients to be seen by healthcare providers in private settings within various homeless shelter settings. In collaboration with nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nursing students, PA students, faculty supervisors, and local volunteers, the Suitcase Clinic provides a variety of services to community members through routine clinics.

Who do we serve?

We serve the people of this city with no bed of their own. We serve any of our unhoused neighbors in need regardless of insurance status. Our clients are anyone utilizing the shelters in Harrisonburg, VA who need guidance to get the healthcare resources they need. Our clients are the heart of what we do, which is why we continue to follow their progress up to 24 months after becoming housed as well.

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