At these informal presentations, which take place six times throughout the year, a faculty, staff member, or invited guest discusses a multidisciplinary project on which they are currently working. Past presenters have explored a wide range of topics. Because our audience is made up of interested colleagues from across the university, the interchange among the disciplines is both fascinating and instructive. Colloquia generally take place on the third Wednesday of the month in ICI (Roop 208) from noon to 1:00 p.m.

Upcoming Colloquium



Previous Colloquia

Fall 2019

Nefin Dinc - Antoine the Fortunate: Original Light on WWI from a Newly Discovered Memoir

Erica Cavanagh - The Photographs in the House: How Two Images Opened a Hidden World

Harold Butner - Linking Across Worlds - Tales from “Physics of Science Fiction”

Spring 2019

Vanessa Rouillon – Albert R. Lee, “A Man of Substance, One of Illinois’ Finest Traditions”

Emily York and Shannon Conley – Envisioning Futures Across Disciplines

David Peterson – How to Think Outside the Box: Mapping Divergent Thinking

Fall 2018

Idelle Cooper – Seeing Evolutionary Change: Nature seem through the Lenses of Art and Biology

Jennifer Byrne – Identity, Ethics and Volunteerism with Endagered Species

Gregg Henriques – Creating a Visual Model of Human Knowledge

Spring 2018

Rob Mertens – Patterns of the Cosmos: Making Meaning in Textiles

David Ehrenpreis – Learning from the Bauhaus to the Stanford d.School

Gianluca De Fazio – Documenting and Mapping Lynching in Virginia

Fall 2017

Pam Johnson - A Century of Harrisonburg Clothing

Karen Thomas and Robin Lyttle - Preserving African-American History in Harrisonburg

Evan Friss and Andrew Witmer - Why Digital History?

Spring 2017

Shaun Wright - Engaging Campus and Community through a Documentary Film Festival

Jim Sochacki - Using Visual Models to Understand the Past and the Future

Lisa Porter - Community Research and the Many Voices of Harrisonburg Project

Fall 2016

Jacob Mayiani - ERAMAT "Mind your Cattle": The Culturally Anchored Eco-Game

Steve Bobbitt - Principles of Play in Action at UREC

Hannah Smith - Playwork Practice: Children's Play and Public Policy

Spring 2016

Elizabeth Brown - Reconnecting the Liberal Arts and STEM

Vanessa Rouillon - First-Year Students Recover History and Write in the Archives

Bradley Andrick and Kevin Borg - Spatial History in the Public Square

Fall 2015

Polly Black - Fostering Entrepreneurial Thinking

Laurie Baefsky - Integrating the Arts Across Disciplines

Laura Taalman - Makerspaces in Education

Spring 2015

Edwin O’Shea - Is Seeing Believing in Geometry? An Illustrated edition of Euclid's Elements

Kate Trammell and Sharon Babcock - The Embodied Learning Project

Sean McCarthy - Designing Media Prototypes: The Shenandoah Living Arc

Fall 2014

Rebecca Silberman - Inhabiting the Uncanny: Animated Dolls and Micro-Sets

Anne Stewart - The Power of Play

Meredith Conti - Contemporary Visual Depictions of the Lincoln Assassination

Spring 2014

Terry Brino-Dean - Stunt Runners and Momentary Performance

Grace Wyngaard - Using Art to Reveal the Complexities of Biological Models

Melissa Aleman - Family Photos and Storytelling Multicultural Homes

Fall 2013

Jun Bum Shin - Embracing Interactivity

Dawn McCusker - Revival of the Fittest: Letterpress and Book Arts in the 21st Century

Zack Bortolot - Enhancing the View from Above: Colorizing Historic Aerial Photographs

Spring 2013

Katie Quertermous - Crocheting a Plane: Using Physical Models to Visualize Hyperbolic Geometry

Laura Taalman - Spiral Knots: Patterns, Invariants, and Exploratory Mathematics

Maureen Shanahan - Modernist Robots and Post-Modern Realities

Fall 2012

Dawn McCusker - Revival of the Fittest: Letterpress and Book Arts in the 21st Century

Howard Lubert - Getting Angry Six Times A Week: Editorial Cartoons as Political Argument

Spring 2012

Robert Nagel - Using Visualization in Engineering Design Education

Chuck Heckman - A Visual Approach to Math Education

Henry Way - Political Visions of America: Images of Place in Online Campaigning

Fall 2011

Kate Stevens - The 21st Century Museum: How Technology is Changing the Museum World

Daniel Robinson - The World in Stereo

Nicholas de Warren - The Lives of Others: The Imaginary Self and Virtual Reality

Spring 2011

Alex Bannigan - Imaging Biology

Roger Thelwell - Mathematics: A Visual Feast

David Ehrenpreis - Examining a hand-painted alphabet book

Fall 2010

Kathy Takayama - Creative Acts of the Mind in Science + Art

James Wilson - Visualizing Long-Term Human-Environment Interactions through Historical GIS

Tony Hartshorn - A Carbon "Breathing" Visualizing Shenandoah Valley Respiration

Spring 2010

Julia Wertz - Writing Comics

William Knorpp - Inference Mapping: Diagramming Arguments and Objections

Kevin Hegg and Andreas Knab - Discover, Organize, and Experience Multimedia with MDID3

Fall 2009

Michael Singer - Regenerative Design in the Public Realm Lecture

David Bernstein - Visualization in Transportation Modeling

Helmut Kraenzle - Visualizing Worldwide Container Movement with GIS Simulation

Bob Kolvoord - Mapping a Difference in the Google Spatial World


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