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Thank you for participating in the Faculty Recruitment, Selection and Retention on-line informational session.   As stated in the Academic Affairs Diversity and Inclusion Statement:  We promote access, inclusion, and diversity for all students, faculty, staff, constituents, and programs, believing that these qualities are foundational components of an outstanding education in keeping with our mission.  The University is interested in candidates whose experience and qualifications support our ongoing commitment to this core quality.

Although designed specifically for faculty participating on search committees, all faculty would benefit from the knowledge and experience presented in the provided materials and I would encourage you to promote a wider dissemination and participation.  Human Resources and the Office of Access and Inclusion are resources to support you and your committee's work, as well as more general discussions about diversity and inclusion within your academic unit.  

Again thank you for your participation and leadership on this topic for JMU.


Heather Coltman, Provost


Prior to beginning the search process the hiring manager/AUH/search committee chair should schedule a meeting for the search committee to meet with representatives from the Office of Access and Inclusion and the Office of Human Resources to discuss these strategies in further detail.  If you would like to schedule a meeting please contact:

- Access and Inclusion: Kim Moubray, Administrative Assistant, 568-4506, dellinkl@jmu.edu

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