Dave Shonk

David Shonk - 2019Sports management professor and SRM Program Director Dave Shonk, has co-authored an upcoming text. Titled “Sales and Revenue Generation in Sport Business,” the book “provides a comprehensive overview of the many ways in which sport organizations generate revenues, and it teaches students the practical concepts they will need for success.” It is published in paperback by Human Kinetics.

Miguel Baltazar

Miguel Baltazar Miguel Baltazar is the co-author of “Overview of Hospitality Revenue Management,” a chapter for a low-cost textbook and certification targeting higher education undergraduate students studying this discipline. This is a Smith Travel Research edition co-authored with undergraduate professors from around the world, and is estimated to be published and available to students in 2022.

Miguel Baltazar and Pam Li

Cover of Operations Management in the Hospitality Industry Miguel Baltazar and Pam Li co-authored an operations management book chapter titled “Inventory Management,” where they discuss operations inventory control extracted from the field of revenue management. Unlike manufacturing firms where the production of goods can be adjusted according to the demand of customers, hospitality firms do not have the ability to alter the capacity of the changing demand of guests in a short period of time. Given the relatively fixed capacity or supply, maximizing revenue through inventory control is essential for hospitality operations. The book was published by Emerald Publishing Limited in June 2021 in Kindle and hardcover editions.

Julia Wallace Car

Julie Wallace Carr - 2019 Professor and senior associate director at UREC Julia Wallace Carr received the 2020 Provost Award for Excellence in Graduate Advising.

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