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A hospitality internship is a form of experiential learning, which integrates knowledge and theory gained in the classroom with practical application and skills development within a hospitality setting.

Internship Hours Requirement
  • Minimum of 400 hours
  • Start date is flexible (May 7 to June 11)
  • End date (on or before August 25)
Internship Site Requirements
  • Must be a hotel, restaurant, resort, country club, special event, or other tourism related industry. Retail is not Hospitality, nor is being a lifeguard or nanny.
  • Must operate out of a business location accessible to the public.
  • Must be a legitimate business capable of providing an active business license for the location where the student in interning.
  • Must provide an impartial evaluation of a student. The Hart School prohibits the granting of academic credit for an internship in which a relative of the student has influence over management considerations at the internship site or occupies an ownership or supervisory position.
  • Must be pre-approved by Dr. Reg Foucar-Szocki, Internship Coordinator.
Internship Requirements
  • Weekly correspondence with your faculty member during your internship period.
  • Completion of weekly hours worked journal.
  • Weekly reflections on hospitality leadership topics.
  • Papers including a critical analysis; top ten list; assessment of effective leadership; and a reflection paper on looking backwards and moving forward.
  • Special mini-management project that is agreed upon by the sponsor and has “real world” benefit to the employer as well as the student.

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