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Master of Science (M.S.) in Integrated Science and Technology, concentration in Environmental Management & Sustainability (Malta)

‘ The M.S. in ISAT EMS program allowed me to explore further my passion for the environment… fieldwork, laboratory-work, and course-work prepared me well both for my PhD as well as my current job as a Senior Environment Protection Officer in the Biodiversity and Water Unit at the Environment Resources Authority in Malta.’

—  Dr. Angela Bartolo, ('13M)

12 month accelerated degree program


The Master of Science degree in Integrated Science and Technology (M.S. in ISAT) is a 33-
credit accelerated program offering a concentration in Environmental Management and
Sustainability that prepares graduates to be leaders that drive innovation and commerce while
positively impacting the well-being and sustainability of our planet and its people. Our
graduates share a holistic understanding of sustainability and the environment and bring a
systems-based, problem-solving approach to their work in private companies, government
agencies and non-profit organizations.

The Environmental Management and Sustainability concentration is a dual-degree,
international master's program with the University of Malta.

During the accelerated 12-month program, students will receive one semester of instruction at
James Madison University (JMU) in Harrisonburg, VA (fall) and one semester of instruction at
the University of Malta campus in Msida, Malta (spring), providing unique opportunities to
learn, explore and compare experiences in different geographic, environmental and social
contexts. Both JMU and the University of Malta faculty contribute equally to instruction and
project supervision. Students who successfully complete the degree requirements are
awarded both:

• A Master of Science degree in Integrated Science and Technology (M.S. in
ISAT) from James Madison University, and
• A Master of Science degree in Environmental Management and Sustainability
(MSc in EMS) from the University of Malta

The program is designed to build holistic thinking and problem-solving skills using systems
perspectives directed to environmental and sustainability challenges. The curriculum explores
principles of sustainability science, incorporating perspectives from Earth systems, natural
resources management, ethics, policy and law, and social sciences, among others. It also
builds a suite of analytical methods and competencies including GIS, data science, crosscultural
project management, field techniques, statistics and data science. Elective coursework
allows students to develop a specialization by opting for either of two pathways:

• Sustainable Technological Systems, or
• Food Systems and Biodiversity

All students will complete a 6-credit capstone project at a location of their choosing. The
capstone project allows students to continue to build specialized knowledge through research
on the topic of their choice. Exceptional students may opt to complete a master's research
thesis. This option requires approval from the program's Board of Studies.

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