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Students proceed through the program in a set course sequence, with each course building on the content previously provided.

As undergraduates, students must have majored in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies (IDLS) with a minor in Inclusive Early Childhood Education (IECE).

2 student teaching experiences
Small classes

Description of Program

The inclusive early childhood program draws heavily from research and theories in child development, family systems, special education, differentiated teaching and learning. Through course work and extensive field experiences, the teacher candidate is prepared to design activities that have an interdisciplinary focus, reflect an understanding of the individual child's development and learning, recognize the importance of family and developmental influences, support the young child in constructing knowledge about self and the world, and involve parents in supporting the child's growth and development.

The Master of Arts in teaching (M.A.T.) program with a concentration in inclusive early childhood education is a continuation of the undergraduate IECE program and prepares candidates for licensure in Early Childhood Special Education (Birth to 5 years) and Early Childhood Education (PK-3rd grade).

Degree Offered

Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)


Inclusive Early Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 3)

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