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The Ed.D. in Education degree equips graduates to tackle real-world issues at the executive level, navigating micro-politics and addressing inequities to enhance their educational environments. They are ready to solve organizational problems, lead innovations, and promote learning, diversity, and equity.

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1-Week Summer Residencies

during the 1st and 2nd summers

Description of Program

The Ed.D. degree in Education with concentrations in Curriculum, Instruction & Educational Equity (CIEE) and Leadership, Equity, Innovation, & Learning (LEIL) are housed in James Madison University’s College of Education. The doctoral degree is founded on basic principles that acknowledge the importance of in-depth contemplation of the histories, social/political/cultural practices, and inequalities that contribute to educational success and challenges. Our vision is to prepare educational leaders who are committed to a) diversity, equity and inclusion b) innovative and transformative practices, and c) positive, sustainable change. The Ed.D. in Education will also provide the critical thinking skills, theoretical knowledge, historical/contemporary understandings, core value discernment, and practitioner-scholar skills of the field to ensure effective leadership with a commitment to educational equity, innovation and change.

Degrees Offered

 Ed.D. in Education

  • Curriculum, Instruction & Educational Equity (CIEE)
  • Leadership, Equity, Innovation, & Learning (LEIL)
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