Studio art student Nathaniel St. Amour painting
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Master of Arts (M.A.) in Art

We immerse students in art. They have access to the highest quality facilities in the newly renovated Duke Hall.

Better two- and three-dimensional art products
No GRE is required
Your own graduate art exhibition


The mission for the Master of Arts (M.A.) in Art is to support artistic growth beyond the level of the baccalaureate. Although the goals for the M.A. reflect those of the M.F.A., the M.A. degree is viewed as an option for studio study, which does not result in a terminal degree in the visual arts.


  • To develop and improve artistic skills in two- and three-dimensional art.
  • To promote the candidate's ability to develop ways of individual inquiry.

The program of study includes 15 hours of studio in the applicant's area of interest, six hours of art history, three hours of contemporary art theory and six hours of elective credit. Near the end of the program of study, the candidate must produce an exhibition of his/her graduate artwork, a slide or CD portfolio of the exhibition (to be retained by the university) and written statement clarifying the student's work, its development and its cultural and historical references. An oral comprehensive examination, generally in conjunction with the exhibition and closely related to the written statement, will also be held.

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