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Home: Place, Flight, & Memory

Reader, this exhibition invites you to ponder the idea of home through a series of questions. What is home to you? In what are you rooted? A patch of the earth, the silver and scent of rain, a song, prayer, the voice of your brother, the smell of ocean? The generations-spanning poets featured in this exhibition understand that home is an intimate, yet complex construct. They know home can be solitude or togetherness. A place you are always running toward or running away from. Or perhaps home, for you, is flight itself. Perpetual motion. The root word for a poem is “To make”. To build. Poems build homes of truths and memories within us. Homes with and within words and imageries. Home is, perhaps, a journey. A thing of the spirit we carry with us. Come. Let these poems carry you. Let them be your home as you gaze at them.


Curated by Gbenga Adesina

Furious Flower Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow in Black Global & Diasporic Poetry

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