Has your student been having trouble connecting with others or said to you "I haven't met anyone?" Here are some questions you can ask that may help:

Finding a Student Organization

  • Did you attend the Student Org Night? If not, go here and you can check out the groups that were there and connect with them.
  • Have you looked at the full list of Student orgs and reached out to any of them about joining? Here is the link to search orgs by type, interest, etc. There are orgs for every interest including:
    • Academic
    • Performance
    • Service
  • Have you filled out the Find Your Fit form where a staff member will reach out to you to help match you with a group that meets your interests? You can fill out the form here!

Getting Active

Meet some new friends over a meal

  • Have you visited all the dining facilities to try new things and meet new people?
    • DHall Upstairs
    • DHall Downstairs
    • EHall
    • Festival
    • Dukes Dining
    • Starbucks in Carrier
    • Starbucks in Rose
    • Dunkin Donuts in SSC

Find a place to study and connect with students with similar interests and classes

  • Have you visited one of the libraries to study and meet other students?
  • Have you spent time in one of your academic buildings before and after class and talked with people in your classes. Even if you don’t have in-person classes you can go to these buildings and meet people in your major or in your classes.
  • Have you gone to any of your professors’ office hours to talk with them about your classes and your interest in their discipline?
  • Have you connected with any students in your classes to get to know them and start building study groups and other connections?
  • Go to your TV or study lounge and meet people there. Get out of your room for virtual class and do it outside, in a study lounge, in the library, in your suite, etc.
  • Visit the Airport lounge in the Union and enjoy an afternoon in one of the lounge chairs.

Meet the people in your residence hall

  • Have you walked around your residence hall to get to meet and know other members of your community?
  • Have you stopped by your RAs room or stopped by the Hall office when it is open and met your RA and the other RAs in the building? They can help you find out about things going on across campus and in your hall.
  • Resident Resources

Activities on and off campus

  • Have you gone to see a movie in Grafton Stovall Theater, joined Virtual Bingo, participated in a Crafternoon, attended a late night breakfast, or any other event sponsored by UPB? Schedule here
  • Have you signed up to get a ticket to a JMU Basketball game? Email vpstudentaffairs@jmu.edu
  • Have you walked downtown to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday from 9am-1pm?
  • Master Calendar of Events for JMU

Visit other buildings and offices on campus

  • Have you gone to the Festival, Student Success Center, or the Union and hang out with friends or by yourself and try to meet people?
  • Stop by the Center for Multicultural Student Services and meet the staff and visit with other students there
  • Visit SOGIE (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression) in the Student Success Center
  • Stop by any University office because they are all open and many are staffed by students who you can meet and talk to about their lives at JMU to help you find your own way here

Do some community service

Join MYMOM and/or get some leadership coaching

  • MYMOM - Make Your Mark on Madison spring participant applications open up the first week of February. The website is live and the application will open soon, students can email mymom@jmu.edu if they want more information.
  • Leadership Coaching – automatic connection to a upper class student.

Get a job on campus


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