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Students Leading Engagement Activities

In 2016, a Madison Project Team from the Impact-3 Leadership Program studied student perceptions of engagement. One of their recommendations was to provide more financial support for students who need help to participate in an engagement activity. To respond to this need, the Engagement Advisory Group, working with the Faculty Senate and SGA, offered Student Engagement Mini-Grants in 2017-2018 to expand student access to lead an engagement activity. These student grants are offered in addition to the Faculty Engagement mini-grants already offered through the Senate.

JMU Student Engagement Mini Grant Recipients for 2017-2018 Announced

Stephanie Pasewaldt - Uganda and Sanitation
Caleigh Strother - Music Program at the CCCA
Danika Pfeiffer - Preschool Reading Program
Caitlyn Robertson - Public Event on Immigration, Refugees, and Diversity in Harrisonburg
Laura Goldstein - Women and Gender Studies Camp
Autumn Waish - Community Criminial Justice Days Conference Seminars
Livvy Call - A Fully Conscious Meal

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