Overview of the Program

This program is only open to students completing their undergraduate degree in IDLS by Spring 2022. Students in this dual degree program complete a combined undergraduate and graduate pathway to teacher licensure which results in the student being eligible for a Virginia Teaching License in grades 6-8 at the end of their graduate year. The final cohort of this program will complete their Master of Arts in Teaching by the spring of 2023.  Students will major in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies and minor in pre-professional Middle Grades Education.

Program Overview

Bachelor of Science (minimum 120 credits)

  • Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies (IdLS) Core/General Education (46 credits)
  • IdLS Major/upper-level concentration (36-42 credits)
  • Pre-professional Middle Grades Education Minor (31 credits)
  • BS Degree Requirements (6 credits)

Master of Arts in Teaching (minimum 32 credits)

  • Foundations & teaching methods/pedagogy (9 credits)
  • Field experiences & student teaching (11 credits)
  • Theory, Diversity, and Differentiation (12 credits)
Content Curriculum Checklists

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