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The HRD minor is an 18-credit hour program that is technically oriented, and places particular emphasis on the skills necessary to develop and implement professional development materials and programs.

The human resource development minor prepares students to develop and implement professional development and performance improvement programs and materials.

The minor is designed to provide students from a wide variety of content disciplines additional experiences and skill bases to seek employment in public and private sectors in the fields of training and development and performance improvement.

Students who minor in human resource development must complete 18 hours of course work, including LTLE 370.  

Opportunities for HRD minors include development of the following:
  • job-specific skills in instructional delivery
  • curricular programs and materials
  • cognitive skills in problem-solving and critical thinking
  • program administration skills
Jessica Lewellen
Academic Advisor, HRD Minor
Randy Snow
Champion, HRD Minor

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