The teacher leadership certificate is designed to provide teachers and other school division professionals with opportunities to advance their knowledge and skills in application of leadership within the classroom, school, community, and beyond. Aligned with national competencies for teacher leadership, the program prepares professionals for sound problem-solving, effective communication, skillful collaboration, and application of critical leadership attributes.

The Graduate Certificate program is intended for those who already have a degree and who are looking for formal training in Teacher Leadership. Students must have a teaching license or be eligible for a teaching license at the start of program enrollment.

Length of Program
The Graduate Certificate program is a two-semester, four course program that is offered as a cohort model. Students may choose* to enroll in a fully online (asynchronous and synchronous) or hybrid (combination of asynchronous online and face-to-face class sessions) cohort. 

Graduate Certificate program is part-time, with 1 or 2 classes taken each semester.

*choice of cohort is contingent upon the number of students in a given semester

Admission Requirements

Minimum admission requirements for entry to the teacher leadership concentration include the following:
• Satisfactory completion of a baccalaureate degree with grade point of average of 3.0 or higher.
• Evidence of a current professional educator’s license (or evidence of eligibility for licensure).

Certificate Requirements
Students in the certificate program must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher with no grade lower than a B-.

Certificate Courses (12 Credit Hours)
TCLD 640. Management and Problem Solving in Schools (3)
TCLD 650. Leadership and Communication Skills in Education (3)
TCLD 660. Collaborating, Teaming, and Leading in Schools (3)
TCLD 670. Leading Curriculum Revision and Implementation (3)

Graduate certificate may be used toward the M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership.

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