Please go to the Cost of Attendance Calculator to see the estimated cost of attendance for your program of study.

Per credit tuition rates for M. Ed. and Certificate programs

  • Current (2022-2023): $374/cr. in-state and $394/cr. out-of-state

M. Ed. estimated program costs in-state and out-of-state

This assumes current tuition rates for students completing 30 credits:

  • $11,220 in-state tuition
  • $11,820 out-of-state tuition
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Certificate estimated program costs in-state and out-of-state
This assumes current tuition rates for the 4 required courses @ 3 credits each, for 12 credits total:

  • $4,488 in-state tuition
  • $4,728 out-of-state tuition

Transfer Credits from a Certificate Program to a Related M. Ed. Degree

Credits in the Teacher Leadership certificate program may be transferred into the M.Ed. degree program with a concentration in Teacher Leadership. To request this, complete the Approval of Transfer Credit Form, obtain the correct signatures from the M. Ed. program, and submit to the Graduate School.

Transfer Credits into a Certificate Program

"A grade of “B” or better must be earned in courses requested for transfer credit. Courses are taken for pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory grades will not be accepted for transfer graduate credit. Under no circumstances will more than one-half of the total graduate credits required for completion of a program be considered for transfer/inclusion in the student’s program of study...Transfer credit applications must be approved by the student’s advisor, academic unit head and Outreach & Engagement." Visit the Approval of Transfer Credit/Waiver Form for Certificate Programs form to learn more and make your request.

Financial Aid for Master Degree Students

Financial Aid is available to master degree students only. Military applicants should review this site for additional information:

At James Madison University, we recognize the financial commitment and investment that comes with continuing your education. The Office of Financial Aid provides students with the information they need to facilitate decisions on their financing and borrowing options. 

For additional details and information on financial aid for graduate students, please click here.

To learn more about applying for Financial Aid and to see our loan repayment calculators, visit JMU’s financial aid website.

JMU also offers a host of exclusive scholarship, travel, veteran and general graduate school funding opportunities. For more information about this programs, visit our Financial Aid page.

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