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Welcome to the M. Ed. and graduate Certificate programs! Please bookmark this page and refer to it when trying to understand your program requirements and expectations; when planning for, and enrolling in, courses; and when seeking useful online resources from a variety of departments around JMU.

Graduate Catalog

Your Graduate Catalog is the one published for the year in which you began your program of study. Please review the academic policies and general regulations posted in your catalog. Academic records are audited by the Graduate School at program completion using the catalog - curricular requirements differ from year to year.

General Expectations

All graduate students whether M. Ed. or graduate Certificate are expected to:

  • Maintain access to Microsoft Office applications and SSLVPN software, provided free-of-charge by JMU Information Technology.
  • Refer to the advising email sent each semester, when making course registration decisions. 
  • Read, refer to, and understand the contents of their handbook in Canvas. Please visit the handbook for details and any other expectations.
Course Enrollment Procedures

You will receive an advising email before each semester.

  1. Plan to enroll in the courses into which you are advised. To do this, respond as directed in the advising email.
  2. If you do not receive an advising email before registration opens (see dates in FAQ below), contact your academic advisers in a timely manner.
  3. Always request courses that end in OP. Do NOT enroll in courses through MyMadison.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Which courses are offered? Where can I find my course details and deadlines?
    See courses offered by visiting the Quick Links area at the bottom of the School of Professional and Continuing Education's website. Click the credit courses link for your semester. Type your course name in the search bar to find it.
  2. When can I register for classes?
    Course registration opens July 1 for fall semester, December 1 for spring semester, and April 15 for summer semester.
  3. How are courses delivered? 
    All online courses* and course materials are currently delivered in English using the Canvas learning management system. Online courses are offered on weekdays, typically from 5:00pm-9:00pm ET/EST/EDT in a hybrid (50% or more online) format, except in Roanoke and Harrisonburg. 

* Some courses will be taught on-site within school divisions in face-to-face sessions based on pre-determined partnerships with school divisions.

Important Online Resources

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