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COE Diversity Statement

In the College of Education, we work to disrupt, interrupt, and change systemic inequities in P-12 schools, adult education, and higher education by demanding equal and equitable rights, opportunities, and treatment for all; to produce inclusive and equitable participation, power, access, impacts, and outcomes for all groups, by embedding educational justice as part of our culture through people, places, programs, policies, and processes. See more here.

The ETMC is committed to preparing all students in the College of Education and Professional Education Unit to be knowledgeable users of educational technology. The ETMC promotes the use of emerging technologies for learning and is responsive to educational technology needs of faculty and students in these programs.

The ETMC strives to be a welcoming space in Memorial Hall for members of the COE community to learn, study, and collaborate. As such we are committed to operationalizing the JMU Libraries Conduct Policy.

Our space includes study areas, books, technology, educational resources, and knowledgeable staff ready to serve the COE.

Click here for a list of resources to help you prepare for entry assessments for the RVE, Praxis, or VCLA.

ETMC Hours


Hours for Spring 2023

Beginning January 17, 2023

Monday - Thursday 8:00-9:00; Friday 8:00-5:00

Spring Break: Closed Monday 3/13, Open 8-5 Tuesday through Friday.

If you have questions, please contact us at (540) 568-6302 or


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